White Noise

This App I have to recommend for not only Mac OSX but also the iPhone.

White Noise by TMSOFT

I use this app most every day. As an ADD Technical Director, I like noise but nothing to distracting. With this program I can customize what I hear.

This is pretty straight forward app so I won’t waste your time rambling.

I use it on the iPhone at night when I sleep as well, and on business trips where I share a hotel room with a co-worker who can out snore me, this was a sleep saver. I am partial to the Amazon Jungle while I work and Rain storm or Airplane while I sleep.

Check it out on either APP store for Mac or iPhone.

Live Mixes

I was blessed to be back behind the mixing board this past weekend. I rarely put any hours there these days, the volunteers have just flourished to the point where they are confident and prepared enough to go at it without me standing behind them. I still try to get there every so often, just so I don’t forget how it works. They say it’s like riding a bike, but I’ve never fallen off my audio board and gotten road rash so I am not seeing the comparison.

Below are the 3 services we did at Northview and are the raw board mix with the crowd mixed in. For this weekend I setup our LS9 next to FOH.

I have been on a quest to improve our “live” sound on the recorded video. This idea has me routing our crowd mics and house L/R feeds into the LS9. There I can delay the house mix to compensate for the crowd mic placement. Then the one set of outputs of the LS9 comes back to the FOH console so that ProTools can capture the recording. Another set goes straight to our Video Control room for the capture equipment.

Check out these raw mixes, they aren’t perfect but I am getting happier with the results. I learned quickly that the “Preset” compressor setting for TV should never be used, unless you’re playing back on an AM radio. I made tweaks at each service, please let me know which you think sounds the best in the comments section.


Worship from 09-08-2012 (Saturday Night with Drum Solo) from Northview Church on Vimeo.

Worship from 09-09-2012 (9am service with Drum Solo) from Northview Church on Vimeo.

Worship from 09-09-2012 (11am service with Drum Solo) from Northview Church on Vimeo.


This week we’re following up on last week’s APP with another file system App.


This app allows you to compare files, folders, or hard drives for similarities. I use it for syncing two hard drive backups. It will replace with newer and show you down to timestamp and file size the difference. Using filters you can see the file difference between a single file type, like .mov for example.


After selecting two folders to compare, then through the actions menu you can move the files around automatically.

When it comes to cleaning up hard drive backups this program is awesome. Simple and straight forward.

Cirlce Maker

Circle Maker – The Solution to 10,000 Problems

By: Mark Batterson (@MarkBatterson)

I am currently reading The Circle Maker: Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears and it is blowing my mind! I was skeptical at first until I read this:

“Before you write this off as some “name it, claim it” scheme, let me remind you that God cannot be bribed or blackmailed. God doesn’t do miracles to satisfy our selfish whims.”

After reading that quote I was completely hooked on this book and what Mark Batterson had to say. I needed this quote and I wish it was on the front cover. I was just waiting for the line about “Open thy wallet unto heaven and pray that it be filled and it shall be.” I then realized this book is a tool to teach us how to pray.

Here are a few highlights I have made so far:

  • Bold prayers honor God, and God honors bold prayers. God isn’t offended by your biggest dreams or boldest prayers. He is offended by anything less. If your prayers aren’t impossible to you, they are insulting to God.
  • We pray out of our ignorance, but God answers out of His omniscience. We pray out of our impotence, but God answers out of His omnipotence. God has the ability to answer the prayers we should have prayed but lacked the knowledge or ability to even ask.
  • I don’t always know if He will, but I always know that He can.
  • There are moments in life when you need to stop pleading and start praising.