With Great Anticipation…

Tonight I sit in my office at home, unable to sleep. Not because I have had too much coffee, or from heartburn keeping me awake. I’m awake because I’m to excited to sleep. In a few hours my small family of 3 will become 4.

I’m amazed that even though we’re adding to our family, love multiplies. I do not have to love Shane less to give love to Shiloh.

I wasn’t blogging when my first little man was born, but over the years I have written many letters to my first son Shane. He is such a blessing to me. I promise to get back to church and production related stuff soon, but I’m overjoyed now and have to share.

I want you to know how much I love you. Though we haven’t met in person, I have dreamed about you, prayed for you, and even talked to you. You don’t respond with words, but as I would place my hand on your mommy’s tummy you would kick and roll with excitement. That gives me such joy, I can’t wrap my head around the fact you’re alive in there. In a few hours, I will hold you in my arms and look at the miracle that you are. I have wondered what your personality will be like. Will you have your mother’s ability to organize or my sense of humor, will you have my eyes or her nose? So many questions that never have to be answered because they have no bearing on my feelings for you. I will mess up buddy, please forgive me. I don’t do it on purpose, but what I will do is everything I can to be a dad you’re proud of. I want to be your hero, and your friend. Shiloh, you’re about to change my world and I welcome it! I love you buddy.

– Dad


9 Services and a Baby

I love this time of year, it evokes such memories and warm feelings. Now I am not looking at Christmas through rose-colored glasses and I haven’t spiked the nog. My past is dented with some not so cheery memories but I choose to move past those. The Christmas I choose to remember is full of happiness.

There is a reason that even the music of this season is timeless, it takes to a place of pure joy. Whether it is Bing Crosby or Michael Bublé singing, you can picture yourself in the song. I am in my happy place.

Norman Rockwell Saturday Evening Post Cover – Via www.saturdayeveningpost.com

Since I work at a church, this is also our busy season. I am in service 5 of a 9 service run that will encompass my week of Christmas. It’s a lot of work, but it is my favorite time of year because of the meaningful work we do. We have planned and rehearsed, laughed and fought, but in the end things are working like a well oiled machine. My team here at Northview are amazing and make it a more magical place to be than Disney World. The guys I lead and work with are a huge blessing in my life.

Here is the opener from this year’s service:

While on the subject of blessings, my wife and I are also celebrating the impending birth of a baby this week. Our second child, Shiloh Miller is due to arrive on the 27th and I could not be more excited! His big brother is ready for him to be here too. Our lives will be very different this week and I’m ready for it. (We’re also happy that it’s Jesus’ birthday too)

Finally, I appreciate you the reader. Many of you have commented, shared, or told me in person how much you enjoy this site. I cannot tell you how humbled I am by the fact that you read this, the ramblings of an ADD amateur writer. I thank you, and am excited to continue writing in the new year.

From myself, my wife, and our two kids, have a Merry Christmas!