Creating a Strong Production Team

As I talk with fellow technical leaders I am often asked, “How do I grow my team?” Beyond bulletin announcements, ministry fairs, and just talking with people. I have found that you have to build a healthy environment in your existing team first. Then they will be your best recruitment tool. Here are the three things I have learned the hard way in building a healthy team.

[box] Communicate – Keep your team in the loop. Often times as staff members it’s easy to forget that our volunteer leaders aren’t in all the meetings you are. Like the hallway conversation, where sudden changes get made. I try to send out a weekly update to the entire team. Sometimes I video it, other times I don’t scare them with that and just type a newsletter. Then if there are any service order changes I know of by Friday I sent a message through Planning Center to the team that’s serving that weekend. [/box]

[box] Be Honest – Nothing makes a volunteer run from your ministry faster than being lied to. Now this doesn’t have to be a flat-out, deceitful lie, but they don’t know that. I have messed up in the past, forgot to schedule someone, forget to program a video, or not tell someone they don’t need to come in. All seem little, but human nature is to save face, make a quick excuse for why something happened. Honesty is always the best policy when working with volunteers (or anyone for that matter.)   [/box]

[box] Be Dependable – Follow through with what you say you are going to do. Show that you value the time they are giving. I have told people I would have the schedule out by a certain day, or host a training time and just failed to follow through. That hurts your team’s confidence in you. They are looking for reliability and want to know their time matters. [/box]

With your existing team running smoothly, new members have a better time getting involved and staying active. No one desires to be a part of a dysfunctional team.

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Weekend Mix

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We started a new series this at Northview called “A Journey Home” – I’m really excited for this series as it includes a special or two each weekend. These specials tie in better than any other series I’ve experienced before and just bring the message home.  Posted below are the live board mixes from week one. The band and vocal team this weekend was absolutely amazing! Enjoy these songs, and let me know what you think.

Weekend Mix:

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Thursday Motivation

I’m not one that’s big on motivational posters. I would be the guy to hang a funny Demotivational one in my office. This one however actually inspired me.


It’s knowledge I already had but yet a good reminder.

You have to be willing to GO after those things you want or you’ll never get them.

You won’t become a great at something just sitting alone on your couch. It takes a determined spirit and hard work to attain success.

You have to ASK otherwise the answer is always no.

To many times I’ve been afraid to ask because I already “knew” the answer was no. I kept my dream to myself in fear that asking for help would be greeted with a closed door. Realizing that the answer is always “No” when I do not ask really causes me to check how afraid am I really. Am I willing to give up on something because of a single word? Ask – you never know what doors it will open. 100% of questions never asked aren’t answered (look at me being all motivational.)

You have to STEP forward or you’ll always be in the same place.

Here again, I have had fear hold me back from making a step forward – fear of rejection or failure. That first step can always be hard, but making it can lead to huge reward.

Hopefully you find some motivation in this as well. I pray God has given you a dream to go after.

What are you going after?

Recruiting Volunteers

Twice this week I have been asked by different churches how we go about recruiting volunteers. This a giant weight hanging over the heads of Tech Directors and Worship Leaders in all kinds of churches. I know because I have asked this same question many times in the past and still do. What I have found, is that there is no magical formula for this. Some things work well at one church and flop at another. I have tried many things as a TD, most have gained me zero volunteers, but my current model seems to be working.

For the last 2 years, there has been a “Join the Tech Team” slide in the pre/post announcement rotation. From that I think maybe I have had 2 people contact me, neither joined the team. We created a video story of one of our key volunteers (See it here) which went over really well, but did open the flood gates of volunteers. What I began to see was that to get people motivated to serve on tech, I needed more than a commercial – we needed a personal touch.

Much like inviting a friend to church, I began instilling in our current team that similar to a doctor’s office: referrals are our best recruitment tool. Someone is much more likely to come to church if they are asked, same with serving, a personal touch goes a long way in getting people in the door.

I encourage our team to bring people with them. I’ll put a headset on them, or even put them to work on an open position. People experiencing the behind the scenes for themselves and realizing it’s not as scary as it looks from the audience’s perspective. New people will believe the a current volunteer who says it’s easy than a paid tech guy. There is that assumed idea that of course I find it easy, that’s my job.

This is what I have found that works for us. I still leave the bulletin asks in every so often, I don’t want to give up the print real estate. The pre/post service slides are still running each week too. Every church is different so some ways may work better for you than at another church. You can’t go wrong with becoming more personal though. So get out there and start trying new things.

What are ways you recruit?

What hasn’t worked in the past?