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For my First APP OF THE WEEK pick I’m going with my digital brain:


Evernote is a cloud bases system for capturing and collecting data.  It then syncs to all my smart devices, so I am always up to date no matter which i-device I happen to be using at that moment. I use it to log anything and everything. They have a great “clipper” tool that helps me snip blog articles I want to read later. I email notes to myself, and log pictures of things I want to remember. With it’s advanced search features, I can store mountains of data in there safely in the cloud and then call it up in seconds. You can also share notebooks with others on Evernote. I use this to regularly to collaborate while working on several different projects simultaneously.

Evernote has what they call the Trunk which is basically their Add-on site for Evernote. There you can find all sorts of apps. I have one that pulls down all my utility bill statements and stores them in a folder. I have another that when I scan a document it uploads it to my Evernote account.

The only drawback I have with it right now is it’s lack of formatting options with text. The lack of a highlight function as well, to just be able to make a yellow bar over a section of text. I would really use that.

I encourage you to give it a try. There is a free version as well as a Paid (yearly) version.

 *This is not an endorsed pick. I was not contacted or approached by Evernote or its partners for this recommendation.