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In keeping up with the theme from last week, I will recommend another “cloud” based program I couldn’t live without.


Now, Dropbox isn’t new and there are a lot of similar options out there. Dropbox is just the one I have become loyal to. Mainly because they are responsible for storing over 50Gbs of my data right now. I have become a huge fan of cloud storage. I was an early adopter of Carbonite and Mozy and they saved my butt several times. My problem was I wanted to just be able to access files quickly and not have to un-archive them. That is where the beauty of Dropbox has come in. I now store documents, photos, and things I don’t want to lose there. I can share folders with friends, family, and colleagues or they can share their items with me. I have worked with other churches having them send me pictures and files via Dropbox collaboration.

Between my iPad, iPhone, Laptop, Desktop, and family computer my files always stay within reach.

Again there is a free version, and paid (yearly) version. There are also several ways to have Dropbox add storage space to your account, just by tweeting, adding photos, or sharing with a friend.