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iStat Menus

For the tech nerd in all of us, I present:

iStat Menus from bjango

iStat Menus is an OSX system monitor allowing you to know exactly what is going on inside your mac. This app is super handy for me to know what my network bandwidth is doing as well as my laptop temperature. It is very, I currently only have it showing me: Temp, Network, and CPU/Memory usage.


When I am encoding videos, or monitoring the network bandwidth I am glued to these readouts. Clicking on the CPU graph shows you all the cores and what services are using them.

The Network tab has a cool feature that I use constantly. With my work laptop, I have 3 networks I connect to regularly. Two of them are DHCP enabled so I can select automatic, the other is when I am setup at work in our auditorium, connected to the hard wire. With the click of a mouse button on the FOH tab I immediacy change my network settings and can connect with a saved static IP. Gone are the days of going into system preferences to make that change.

This software has a free trial and then is only  a few dollars to buy. I highly recommend it.