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A Happy Little Mix (What Bob Ross Taught Me About Audio)

While channel surfing the other night I came across a Bob Ross Auto tune montage on PBS. I grabbed my iPad and began searching for clips of his “Joy of Painting” show. It brought back a flood of memories – watching his show at my great grandmother’s house, sitting on her lime green davenport (that’s what she called the couch.) Neither of us were painters, but we loved watching him – how he layered on paint, created shadows and textures, and in 26 minutes a work of art was complete. Hearing his soothing voice and him telling me to believe, still makes me think I could actually paint. It really got me thinking about how much being a Leader and Painting are similar.

If you believe, YOU can do anything. I know how cliché that sounds, but it’s the first step. In my ministry, I have had many people back away from mixing audio because it intimidates them. The knobs, faders, and lights seem overwhelming at first. When I start training a new audio volunteer, I ask them to commit upfront to give it 3 weeks (3 training sessions) before deciding it’s just not for them.

Instilling confidence in them, much like Bob did on his show, is very powerful. When I believe in their ability, they start to as well. They are an artist, and the stage is their canvas.

They are creating a masterpiece, using the instruments as paints, and the board as the brush. Add lows, cut highs, push the vocals, it’s all apart of a bigger work in the making.

There are no limits – swap a mic for a new sound, tweak the EQ, or add some reverb. Suddenly the mix comes alive.

I never get bored mixing because it’s always different. After a 1,000 shows/services, I know that the next one will be a new experience – a new canvas lets say.

I think now with inspiration from Bob Ross I will be thinking that the “Happy Little Bass Guitar” that needs turned up.

Happy Mixing and God Bless.

Bob Ross host of his show “Joy of Painting” which started in 1982. He’s known for his “You can do it” attitude and all around positive vibe.