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Keeping the Christmas Spirit

This time of year, I quickly find myself becoming Scrooge, “Ba-humbug” -ing the season. I used to live for Christmas: I love the lights, trees, and snow. To me there was no such thing as too much “Christmas.”

Now with deadlines, guidelines, and long hours, I can become grumpy – sitting in the corner losing my reason for the season (loosely based on REM’s Losing My Religion).

For those who work in church life, you know – this is our busy season. Some of my extended family  still don’t  understand that this is my job. I’m not just going to church [5 times on Christmas Eve] because I feel like it. I can’t blow off the services to come to Uncle Franks house for the holidays. The stress builds among family and co-workers, and if not addressed in a timely manner, someone may Vesuvius all over the place.

So, going into this season, I just want to encourage all of you who are gearing up for a busy holiday season, to do 3 things:

  1. Take a deep breath – You will get through it. Even though I am convinced that some difficult-to-setup artificial trees should be charged for crimes against humanity.
  2. Remember why we do this – Christmas Eve may be the only time a person steps foot inside a church. Keeping your mind focused on the end game will make that 70th box of ornaments being carried up three flights of stairs, not so heavy.
  3. Christ is Love – He would not want this time of year to lead to anger and frustration with your brother or sister. Everyone has times of frustration at work, and I have found that it helps to deal with the situation immediately. Allowing it to fester only makes it worse…much worse. I have been known to yell out, “SAME TEAM” when arguments are brewing; everyone needs to be reminded that we are all working together towards a common goal.

I pray your season will be merry and filled with joy & peace.