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Is it too late to make a New Year’s Commitment?

I have been meaning to get back to blogging on my personal site for several weeks. I’ve had the best of intentions, and have even sat down to start writing. Then life would call, and off I went to attend to whatever emergency had come up. Even this post has already been interrupted and I’m only a few words in. Well needless to say, I have committed to taking this blog seriously, I want it to be a resource for others to learn from the mistakes and successes I have already encountered (usually more mistakes.)

I hope you will journey with me and continue to check back often, comment and engage with the content. I am still learning as well, life is never something you master.

Currently I am working on the the Goals and Strategies for my tech team at Northview I look forward to sharing the ideas we’re coming up with here. I should be able to share those soon.

Blessings and may your audio always be clean and your video HD.