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My Thoughts on “The Bible – Part 1”

Last night, the History Channel premiered Mark Burnett’s epic mini-series, “The Bible.” Leading up to the showing last night, there seemed to be quite a bit of hype – especially since it was showing on the History Channel. There were questions as to how accurate it would be and if it would be uplifting to christians or make a mockery of faith.

My initial impression of part one leaves me impressed for the most part. I had my Bible open on the computer and was able to follow along for the most part. I realize, like with most movies made from books, not everything makes the cut. There are things that have to be removed, as well as things that require some creative license. One aspect I really appreciated was the director’s viewpoint. I feel the producers did a great job with expressing the emotions of those surrounding the main characters that the bible doesn’t address directly.

My only real disappointment was the overall scale of the re-enactments. It became most noticeable during the scenes depicting the crossing of the Red Sea. Millions of Israelites left Egypt, yet “The Bible” only shows a few hundred of them. Maybe I have the old Ten Commandments movie stuck in my mind, or I’m thinking of an epic battle in Lord of The Rings. It doesn’t ruin the show for me by any means, it just stood out as a break in the realism.

The History Channel narrator caught me off guard at first. I quickly got over it, I think I was expecting more of a made-for-TV movie than a documentary, so I won’t hold my misconceptions against them.

The trailer starts off with what I assume is Noah’s Ark, however the series started last night showing Abram post-flood. I’ll be interested to see if there is a flashback, or if that scene was simply cut. I’m curious as to why they started where they did.

All-in-all I’ve really enjoyed it so far; “The Bible” has potential to be a great evangelistic tool, leaving those who are unfamiliar with scripture wanting more.

I am looking forward to part two next Sunday.