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Third Day @ Northview

We had Third Day at Northview this week for 2 days. It is a LOT of work to put on these events and it never seems like you can do enough preplanning. After living on the tour side for years, and now experiencing the venue side, my thought is, plan for the unexpected. I recently wrote an an article for Church Production Magazine about live event planning, which helped remind me of all that goes into these concerts.

We had 16 production volunteers, 1 intern, and 6 production staff members  on hand  for the evening just for the show. That doesn’t include loaders to setup or tear down of which there were another 2o some people. It takes an army to make this all happen, and I am so proud of my team!

Since this was their second time here, it made for a mini reunion with most of the crew guys. I sat and talked with their Front of House guy and Production Manager about their new sound system and ways to tweak ours here at the church. With the entire crew, I swapped horror stories of life on the road and funny things that happened the last time they were here.

Once the show is under way, I can really lay low (as long as I keep my radio near me,) and I am free to wander the room. I recently got back into photography (Awkward segway.) This freedom allowed me to take my recently repaired Canon Rebel out and remember that I am not a very good photographer. Here are some photos from the night. Not all of them are great, I am still learning the ins and outs of the trade. Check them out below by clicking the picture. Let me know what you think.
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