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Creating a Strong Production Team

As I talk with fellow technical leaders I am often asked, “How do I grow my team?” Beyond bulletin announcements, ministry fairs, and just talking with people. I have found that you have to build a healthy environment in your existing team first. Then they will be your best recruitment tool. Here are the three things I have learned the hard way in building a healthy team.

Communicate – Keep your team in the loop. Often times as staff members it’s easy to forget that our volunteer leaders aren’t in all the meetings you are. Like the hallway conversation, where sudden changes get made. I try to send out a weekly update to the entire team. Sometimes I video it, other times I don’t scare them with that and just type a newsletter. Then if there are any service order changes I know of by Friday I sent a message through Planning Center to the team that’s serving that weekend.
Be Honest – Nothing makes a volunteer run from your ministry faster than being lied to. Now this doesn’t have to be a flat-out, deceitful lie, but they don’t know that. I have messed up in the past, forgot to schedule someone, forget to program a video, or not tell someone they don’t need to come in. All seem little, but human nature is to save face, make a quick excuse for why something happened. Honesty is always the best policy when working with volunteers (or anyone for that matter.)  
Be Dependable – Follow through with what you say you are going to do. Show that you value the time they are giving. I have told people I would have the schedule out by a certain day, or host a training time and just failed to follow through. That hurts your team’s confidence in you. They are looking for reliability and want to know their time matters.

With your existing team running smoothly, new members have a better time getting involved and staying active. No one desires to be a part of a dysfunctional team.

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