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Always Test It!

A few weekends ago, I made a mistake. Granted, I make a lot of mistakes, but usually only I see them. Not this time though, everyone saw this fail. Not to sound overly dramatic, and to put it in perspective, no one lost their salvation, and most people didn’t pay much attention, but I did. It was one of those things that as soon as it happened, I knew what was wrong and that I failed to test it ahead of time.

At Northview, we use a 50″ TV on a cart that’s positionedĀ just behind the pastor. This is for the sermon notes at our satellite campuses. Using the TV we don’t have to cut away from the pastor’s face to show the notes.

Normal protocol is to test the TV during Saturday’s rehearsal, and with everything else going on that day it just didn’t happen. I know that had we properly tested it, I’m sure it would have worked. But since we didn’t karma was working against me. The pastor began his message with the TV still on stage flashing “No Signal” and the call was made to get it out of there and the problem was quickly rectified off stage for the next service.

Like I said in the beginning, no one was eternally harmed by this mistake, it did catch the pastor by surprise since he was counting on interacting with the TV during the sermon. It did however make me reevaluate my internal checklist and rule that nothing untested makes it into the weekend service. Putting the time in, and making sure all the little details are accounted for makes the bigger picture of the entire service come together.

Once we have made it past the first run through, things need to be set. No more swapping mics, or trying anything new. It is time to do it, just as it will happen. Plan for the unexpected, such as, I always have a backup mic ready to go, (that gets tested as well.) That way if something was to go wrong, we already know what to do. So the moral of this story: Always Test It!

Always Test It!

Stan standing next to TV with no Signal

If you were at that service a few weeks ago, and watched that TV roll on, then back off, I confess. It was my fault. I add that to the list of mistakes that I can now laugh at like the helmet-cam (another story.) We all make mistakes, and things happen. It’s how we handle it moving forward that defines us.

Have a funny mistake that you’ve learned from? Share it with me!