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Easter T-Minus 30

Easter is coming, whether you’re ready or not. The countdown has begun and it’s T-Minus 30 days now.

5647221685-LI love Easter – it’s a celebration that never gets old. In the production/tech world, this is our chance to pull out all the stops. Doing this usually leads to many moving parts working as one to create a large scale “production.” Keeping those parts in order can take some massive juggling skills. Being someone who is blessed with ADD, I get easily distracted. Because of that, I work very hard to create systems to keep things in order and help me grow in my project management skills.

Project Management, could be a post in itself – and it will be – it is the first step I take in leading my team through the process of preparing for Easter. The key for me is to not look at it as though it is this enormous project, but break it into manageable steps.¬†Instead of boring you with all the little things, here are the big three I am working on to make sure I’m prepared. These can then be broken into smaller tasks using a web based software called

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