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120 Days ago…

I did the scariest thing I have ever done. Yes, more terrifying than asking my in-laws to marry their daughter, scarier than watching my sons being born, and yes, even scarier than that time I ate at Waffle House 5 consecutive nights.

120 days ago I walked into my bosses office at one of the best jobs I’ve ever had and said, “It’s time for me to leave.”

God in his infinite wisdom had made it very clear that my time at Northview Church had come to an end. A time that I could have kept going at for an addition 5+ years. I loved my job and the people there. So many memories, so many friends. I wrestled hard with God for weeks leading up to that decision and every time I doubted Him, He showed up in a bigger way to prove my fears wrong.

I didn’t have the faith just to walk away; I had a family and a house payment, so I needed a paycheck as I am dependently wealthy. Thankfully a job was provided as well, a job that I wasn’t anticipating but had “I’m God, and I’ll take care of you” written all over it. Now, here I am, 120 days later and God’s plan in all this continues to unfold and little by little it makes sense.

Where did I go? Well, I’m glad you asked.images

Allow me to introduce you to CTS. Here I wear several hats as I found out I have a lot to learn. I am now the Project Manager for the installation department. I take a church that has hired us to do an upgrade and walk with them through the process of installation and training. CTS is a great company, and I am blown away by how they treat their employees and the churches they serve. This has been a change for me and caused me to stretch but in all things God is good, right?


I am also staying busy writing for my various favorite publications. Church Production, Worship Facilities, and Technologies for Worship have all graciously allowed me to stay on their radar and contribute.

In all this change, I was reminded of why I got into the Audio/Visual arts in the first place. I wanted to help churches. While my tradition into the secular world was one, I fought very hard against, I am finding myself engaging in more ministry opportunities than ever before.

I will leave you with this while I am not at a church currently in a serving role; I am still very much active in the tech community. I hope to continue to reach churches through various forms of media including this blog while working at CTS. My promise to you is that my advice will alway remain unbiased as it relates to integrators.

Thanks for taking an interest in where I am, and I look forward to connecting with you!

Make sure to follow me on Twitter: @shaunrmiller