Let’s Get Together

Tech Guys in churches are islands. I am not sure who coined that phrase but it is so true. The team that is first to arrive and last to leave often goes unnoticed. They are also often times not understood, “What do you mean we need a video switcher? We just bought one 10 years ago.” So while staff meetings are good, and going to lunch with other departments is a great thing, (see my other post: Taco Tuesday) you need some solidarity with like minded people.

Here in the Indianapolis area we have a group of Tech Directors that meets every month for lunch. We gather on the 2nd Wednesday at a central church and meet in their common area. Sometimes we’ll have a leadership lesson, other times the conversation is just to good to interrupt. This time together re-energizes me, it allows me to talk through issues and get new perspectives. The great thing is that it is attended by churches of all sizes, and since we all agree that we’re on the same team we leave denominational issues at the door. We also leave church size out of the conversation, we can talk tech and how things are working, but we want the church of 300 to contribute just as much as the church of 6,000.¬†Through this relationship, we have become somewhat of rental houses for each other. Swapping mics, stage design pieces, and lights with one another to help out.

These relationships are imperative to keeping a healthy ministry going, you cannot survive as an island, so build a bridge and get out there.

Taco Tuesday

One of the guys on our Tech Staff started this thing called: Taco Tuesday. It’s a simple process where on Tuesdays we go to Taco Bell for lunch. (Can you see how clever we are?)It started out small, just he and I. Then another staff member joined, then 2 more. Suddenly we’re have to take multiple cars and get there early to save tables. It has become the phenomenon.

I can already hear you asking me to get to the point, and I will please bear with me. I was realizing the other day as I walked the main office corridor at Northview, people would yell from their office, “Almost time for Taco Tuesday?” I was blown away, something silly like tacos on Tuesday has become a staff wide event.

This unforced, non mandatory weekly meeting of friends has been a better bonding agent than any retreat, or staff meeting exercise ever. Sharing a meal together with no set agenda (we have had some crazy conversations) really has allowed people to get to know one another in a meaningful way.

Look around your workplace and invite someone for tacos, it will improve your work environment in no time.