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Thank you sincerely for joining me at WAVE 2024! I am grateful to have you as part of the WAVE community, and your support and presence means the world to me.

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Hire Shaun as a contractor for your church and unlock a wealth of expertise and invaluable support for your technical and production teams. With his vast experience as a Technical Director and Production Manager, Shaun is uniquely equipped to train volunteers or a new production director, ensuring a seamless transition and empowering your team with the necessary skills to deliver flawless services. Moreover, Shaun’s industry knowledge and insights allow him to assist in the hiring process for a new technical director, identifying the ideal candidate tailored to your specific needs. His consultative approach becomes instrumental during building projects, providing guidance and advice on technical aspects to optimize the functionality and efficiency of your facilities. By engaging Shaun’s services, your church can leverage his wealth of knowledge and experience to enhance your technical capabilities and achieve operational excellence.

Introducing Shaun Miller: A Seasoned Church Production Director and Author Sharing Insights in AVL and Ministry

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Ready to elevate your church’s technical operations and maximize your impact? Hire Shaun as a contractor today and benefit from his expertise in setting up technology, training volunteers, guiding a new technical director, facilitating the hiring process, and/or providing valuable consultation during your building project. Take the next step towards excellence by partnering with Shaun, and unlock the full potential of your church’s technical capabilities.

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