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The Power of Team: A Healthy Culture of Fostering Team Excellence

It's easy to overlook the human element within our teams in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Whether or not you're a sports enthusiast, the concept of teamwork resonates with all of us. From greeter teams to worship teams, churches are filled with various groups working together towards a...

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About Shaun

Shaun Miller is a Technical Director, Production Manager, and licensed pastor with a 20+ year background in AVL and IT, working at event, concert, and ministry venues nationwide. Throughout his career, Shaun has effectively led cross-functional technical teams, managed production schedules and budgets, and consistently delivered innovative ideas.

From collaborating with Grammy Nominee and Dove Award-winning artist Wayne Watson to overseeing the technical needs of large churches with 10,000+ members, and serving on various advisory councils, Shaun brings extensive experience and expertise to every role. In this space, he shares valuable insights and inspiring content – drawing from his deep understanding of the entertainment industry, tech world, and church. Join Shaun on this journey as he continues to strive at making headway at the intersection of technology and ministry! Read More About Shaun Here


Talk to Shaun

Have questions or need some guidance for your church’s technical needs? Reach out to Shaun and tap into his expertise as a Technical Director and Production Manager. Whether you’re looking for advice, suggestions, or solutions to enhance your worship experiences, Shaun is here to help. Don’t hesitate to contact him and start a conversation about all things tech and ministry.

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The Beauty of Cultivating a Harmonious Work Life Balance

The Beauty of Cultivating a Harmonious Work Life Balance

In today's fast-paced world, burnout has become all too common, even (maybe especially) within the church community. The demands of ministry, combined with a lack of rhythm in workload, can lead to exhaustion and, unfortunately, a loss of passion. As someone who has...

Rediscovering the Passion: A Growth Journey in Tech Ministry

Rediscovering the Passion: A Growth Journey in Tech Ministry

Have you ever been asked why you got into tech ministry? It's a question that can often lead us down memory lane, reflecting on the early days when our dreams and aspirations were taking shape. In my case, I knew from a young age that my future was intertwined with...