Unwrapping the Future: A Painless Guide to Planning Christmas Rentals

July 11, 2023

Christmas church services are often grand and memorable: filled with special performances, stunning visuals, and immersive worship experiences. To bring these ideas to life, sometimes your existing equipment may not be sufficient, and that’s when rentals can be a valuable solution. Renting allows you to augment your capabilities and access specialized gear without the need for long-term investments. But there are a few keys to success in any rental endeavor – especially one involving the holidays.


Understanding Rental Companies and Specializations

Rental companies come in various sizes and specializations, and it’s essential not to jump to conclusions about their quality solely based on their size. Smaller rental facilities often offer competitive prices and personalized service. Additionally, different companies may specialize in specific areas of production, such as video, audio, lighting, or staging. Research and reach out to multiple companies to understand their offerings and find the ones that line up with your needs. In addition, building strong relationships with reliable rental partners can streamline the process and ensure you have access to the right equipment when you need it.


Reserving Christmas Equipment in Advance

Even if you haven’t finalized every detail of your Christmas service plans, it’s wise to reserve the equipment you anticipate needing well ahead of time. For recurring events or traditions like annual concerts or special effects, securing rentals months in advance can provide peace of mind and help you avoid last-minute availability issues: especially in the current world we’re living in. For example, if you know you’ll require additional mixing consoles, lighting fixtures, or unique elements like snow machines, make reservations early to ensure their availability and to initiate a consistent partnership with your rental companies.


Aligning Rentals with Your Vision

Having a clear vision of the big picture can help guide your rental choices. While it can be hard to have a nailed-down vision of your Christmas services/series six months in advanced, you and your creative team should be able to get a decent working vision early on. If you desire a “WOW” lighting factor or a specific audio setup, consult with various companies to discuss the vision and how they can contribute to realizing it. Leaning on their expertise and equipment options can even help you refine your ideas and bring your vision into sharper focus.


Three Quick Tips for Renting Equipment

1. Know the cost of purchasing: Before committing to a rental, consider the cost of buying the equipment outright. If you anticipate using a piece of gear frequently, it might be more cost-effective to make a purchase rather than renting it repeatedly.

2. Ensure insurance coverage: Many rental companies require a certificate of insurance to protect both parties involved. Before renting, confirm that your insurance policy covers rentals, or consider adding specific coverage if necessary. This step ensures a smooth rental process and mitigates potential risks.

3. Inspect and communicate: As soon as you receive the rented equipment, thoroughly inspect it for any damage or issues. Take note of any pre-existing damage and promptly inform the rental company to avoid confusion or liability concerns. Open communication ensures that both parties are aware of the equipment’s condition and promotes a fair resolution if problems arise.


1. Understand local companies’ specializations.

2. Reserve equipment well in advance.

3. Align rentals with your vision.

Christmas is one of the most hectic times in the church world, but planning ahead (in all aspects) can significantly assist with mitigating stress. Well-planned rentals can expand your capabilities and ultimately bring your vision to life. By understanding rental companies, reserving equipment in advance, and aligning rentals with your vision, you can navigate the rental process effectively. This Christmas season, embrace the opportunities rentals offer and bring your extraordinary ideas to life.


Question: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever rented for a church event or service?


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