The Art of Unforgettable Live Video Directing: Using IMAG to Enhance the Worship Experience

July 17, 2023


A video director’s role extends far beyond technical commands and camera angles. They carry the responsibility of creating an environment that connects with different groups of people, ranging from live congregants to satellite campuses and online viewers. However, the director’s personal style can significantly impact how individuals experience the service. Today I want to explore the evolving perspective of a production director as they navigate the intricacies of live video directing, and discover the importance of embracing different styles to enhance the worship experience.

Being the production director for my church, I don’t actually direct video each weekend, I lead the team that does, and I experience the outcome. I feel I have seen it all: from the single-camera, locked -down shot on the local cable access channel, to the high-energy quick cuts of handheld stage cameras at the mega churches. There is a time and a place for all styles, and knowing when to use them at the right moment is what makes for great video.

In the pursuit of improving technique, I encourage exploring and learning from other churches that you admire and respect. Use this a means of honing your own craft. By doing so, you and your directors can enhance your repertoire and offer a richer worship experience for your congregation.

…live video is essentially a living, breathing thing. Great video directing lies in knowing when and how to utilize different styles effectively. Finding a balance between adding energy and complementing the action on stage without stealing the show is crucial. To keep the congregation interested and enthralled, it is imperative to embrace different styles that match the context of worship and create a rhythm that amplifies the overall worship experience.

Live video is essentially a living, breathing thing.

The role of a video director is not limited to technical expertise alone but encompasses the art of enhancing the worship experience through visual storytelling. By embracing different styles of live video directing, such as utilizing single-camera shots, multi-camera setups, or creative angles, directors can capture and convey the essence of the service. The key is to complement the action on stage, ensuring that the visuals seamlessly align with the overall message and atmosphere of worship. It’s important to remember that IMAG should enhance the audience’s experience rather than detract from it, allowing them to feel more connected to the service without becoming the main focus. By adopting these principles, you and your directors can create a dynamic and engaging worship environment in every venue, fostering a deeper sense of connection and engagement among the congregation.

the art of live video directing for worship services

Image courtesy of Rolling Hills Community Church
*This post is adapted from a previous article I wrote for Church Production Magazine


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