A Happy Little Audio Mix: Painting With Sound

July 7, 2023


As I stumbled upon a Bob Ross Auto tune montage the other night, I couldn’t help but see the parallels with painting and my audio mix. I was transported back to cherished memories of watching Bob’s “Joy of Painting” show. His soothing voice and artistic techniques captivated viewers, inspiring them to believe in their own artistic abilities. There are such parallels between Bob Ross, being a leader, and the ever-elusive perfect audio mix. Just as Bob Ross instilled confidence in his viewers, as sound engineers, we have the power to create masterpieces by skillfully blending audio elements.


Audio Mix Tips

Mixing audio can initially seem daunting, with its array of knobs, faders, and flashing lights. However, the first step to becoming a proficient audio engineer is to believe in your own potential. I’ve encountered many individuals who initially shy away from mixing due to intimidation. When training new audio volunteers, I ask them to commit to three weeks of training sessions before making a final judgment. Instilling confidence in their abilities, just as Bob Ross did for his viewers, is a powerful motivator. By believing in themselves, they start to unlock their true potential as artists, with the auditorium serving as their canvas.

Audio engineers are akin to artists, using the instruments as their paints and the mixing board as their brush. Through careful manipulation of the sound elements, they craft a masterpiece. Just as Bob Ross layered paint to create shadows and textures, audio engineers shape the sound landscape. They may add depth with low frequencies, enhance clarity by cutting highs, or elevate vocals to carry the message. Each adjustment contributes to a bigger work in progress. There are no limits to the creative possibilities—an engineer can swap a microphone for a new sound, tweak the EQ, or add reverberation. With each modification, the audio mix comes alive, and the picture takes shape.

One of the most fascinating aspects of audio for me is that it never gets boring. Even after countless shows and services, each new event presents a fresh experience—an untouched canvas waiting to be transformed. As audio engineers, we embrace the challenge and excitement of each performance. Just as Bob Ross faced each painting with enthusiasm, we approach our craft with a sense of anticipation. The “Happy Little Bass Guitar” may need to be turned up, and that small adjustment can make all the difference in creating a harmonious composition.


I started painting as a hobby when I was little. I didn’t know I had any talent. I believe talent is just a pursued interest. Anybody can do what I do.

– Bob Ross

Every audio mix is an art piece that requires belief in one’s abilities and the courage to explore creative possibilities. As engineers, we have the power to shape the sonic landscape, creating masterpieces that enhance the overall experience for both performers and audiences. By approaching mixing as an artistic endeavor, we can embrace the endless variety and challenge it offers. So, let’s take inspiration from Bob Ross and his “Joy of Painting” and bring that same enthusiasm to our audio engineering ventures. Happy mixing, and may your artistic endeavors be blessed with beautiful soundscapes.

What aspect of audio mixing do you find most rewarding or challenging?
Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


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